addicted to improving my health through alkaline water and organic vegetables, but I can't always afford it.

Miracle Healing Water


For the last 3 years, my health has been pretty bad. I'm in my 40's and I haven't had health insurance for 5 years. But this isn't a forum about that. I'm trying to work my way back to good health and a healthy weight by changing my lifestyle. I was pretty health conscious and physically active when I was younger but now I have to work at it a little harder!

If you saw fish in your fish tank die on a regular basis what would you do to stop it?
Change the water, right?
Well, I realized that I am made up of 75% water and that my health was bad because I needed to change my water!
That was my first step.
Changing what I eat is another series of steps that I'm taking to change my health.
And the third thing is exercise.

I've attended some raw foods seminars, ph water seminars and health expos. I am not a nutritionist or a health professional by any means. In fact, I may not even know what I'm doing! But it seems to be working for me and I continue to be fascinated by all of the information that's out there. All of the posts to my blog are my honest and candid assessment, that's it.

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in the meantime,
here's to our health!

50 lbs. lost, cholesterol and blood pressure optimal, energy levels high...and currently insured!